Information: What going on with the City Sales tax extension and the proposed new sports complex?

Known as Rochester Community and Recreation Complex (RCRC) the funding of $65M was included in the 2022 Minnesota Legislative Bill. However, it did not pass so the Bill and everything within it died without action. Why? The reason it did not pass is simple: According to the Speaker of the House herself, the House Democrats held up the tax bill to use as leverage on unrelated spending bills. The governor failed to call a special session so all the work to date goes away without action.

So where does that leave the Rochester sales tax extension and RCTC project? Hopefully, when the legislators all return in 2023, they can pick up where they left off and honor the work to date and pass it as was agreed in 2022. That remains to be seen – only time will tell.

In the meantime, the Rochester Sports Foundation (RSF) is working with all area youth sports groups to obtain their statistical data and sports facility needs in order to help with the process when it moves forward. If you have any sports facility need data or related information feel free to contact RSF Director Ed Hruska at

RSF Grant to Sports Mentorship Academy

The Rochester Sports Foundation (RSF) presented, in coordination with the Mayo Clinic, a grant of $5000 to the Sports Mentorship Academy (SMA) to assist in facility development. Accepting on behalf of the academy was Andre Crockett, Executive Director.

Crockett shared, “This grant will expand SMA’s reach to the youth that have been affect by the closure of the YWCA. To accomplish this, we at the Sports Mentorship Academy, are collaborating with Rochester Empowerment Center and Rochester Public Schools to create a recreational center at Gage East adjunct to the elementary school.”

Through this collaboration youth will have access to facility space weekly focusing on sports related activities and social skills to build character. These skills are taught during a four hour period between 3:30-7:30 pm. This is scheduled purposefully at times of the day when the temptation to engage in crime and drug activities is at the greatest.

The funds will be used for the leasing of the building, upgrades and purchasing of equipment. The RSF grant fund is based on donated dollars and profits from the annual Rochester Sports Banquet and Auction. 100% of these funds go directly to facility enhancement in Rochester.

Fargo to add new 100-acre sports complex

In December of 2021 the Fargo Park District unveiled its plans for the Fargo Parks Sports Complex and announced the support of the project’s current 11 community partners. This multipurpose community recreation facility will accommodate nearly any indoor sports, activities, tournaments and special events. This facility is expected to attract over 600,000 visitors annually and hold 45 plus community events and sports tournaments a year.

X-Fargo Sports Complex-SPBP_20220107_HiRes (1)

Once opened, the 100 acre Fargo Sports Complex, will address a critically unmet need for indoor recreation facilities available in the Fargo community. The project includes 1 full size indoor soccer turf field, 4 full sized basketball courts, administrative offices, multipurpose community space and an indoor walking track.

As a highly impactful community recreation facility, the Fargo Sports Complex provides a host of Community Benefits including:

  • Addresses Critical Need – Comprehensive study identified Fargo’s needs for indoor community recreation complex.
  • Community Wellness – Provide community space for a more active and healthier Fargo.
  • Multipurpose – Forward thinking design to accommodate recreation and community activities, classes and events while serving all ages, interests and backgrounds.
  • Accessibility – Provide year-round public access for Fargo residents and visitors for sports and community events.
  • Memorable Destination – State of the art community facility and a regional destination unlike any other of its kind.
  • Economic Driver – This facility will attract visitors from across the Midwest with its capacity to host large tournaments and events, bringing a positive economic impact to local businesses.

2022 Sports Banquet Auction to benefit youth sports facility development

New for this year’s Sports Banquet was the decision by Rochester Sports to move to a online, easy to use auction you can bid, track and get outbid notices right from your phone. There are many new and exciting auction items this season with 100%of all money spent going to the Grant Program for Rochester Sports Foundation – who’s sole goal is to work to enhance area facilities to better offer athletic and recreational opportunities to our area athletes! Please bid and help the cause.






Rochester Sports Foundation is awarded Mayo Clinic Grant!

The Rochester Sports Foundation would like to thank Mayo Clinic for the recent grant it awarded the organization. Mayo Clinic has a long history of supporting local area non-profits. The Sports Foundation is honored to be included with these area organizations that work to increase the quality of life in the community. Again, we share great appreciation for Mayo Clinic and all they for those in the Rochester area through their community giving.

What is happening at the Rochester Sports Foundation?

The July Rochester Sports Foundation (RSF) Board of Director’s meeting was held with members of the RSF Advisory Committee. Current projects from other cities were reviewed and discussed as to their layout, cost and funding. A recent site visit to TBK Bank Sports Complex in Quad Cities and Xtream Arena in Coralville, Iowa, were shared along with project backgrounds. Research on all new sports developments from the six-state Midwest (Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska) were reviewed and discussed. (see link to view PowerPoint)

There was also discussion regarding the local projects RSF is currently involved with and some direction given on where to focus our immediate effort. Information on these projects will be shared with the public once the developers give the okay. Watch this site for future updates!

Site visit data July2021

Congratulations Rochester Sports!

Rochester Sports successfully hosted the United States Trampoline and Tumbling Association National Championships June 14th-20th here in Rochester. There were over 1,700 athletes and families here for the week-long competition. This was the first time the event was held in Minnesota. Way to go Rochester Sports!

Welcome to Rochester Sports Foundation!

If you are viewing this article you are new to this site. You have to be – it was just launched on March 6th, 2021! The primary objective of Rochester Sports Foundation is to promote sports facility development investment in the Rochester, Minnesota area. To better acquaint you with the organization – let me share a few details. Each of these items will be explained with more detail on our website in the coming months:

One, the Rochester Sports Foundation (RSF) was created from the leadership of Rochester Sports (formally the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission). Rochester Sports has long been a leader in attracting amateur sporting events for the economic good of our community.

Two, RSF primary and only focus is on sports facility development through private investment and public/private partnerships. Visions and opportunities of facility development will be worked on and shared with the community via this site. There are several plans and ideas in the pipeline now.

Three, quality sports facilities not only attract youth sports tournaments but also improve quality of life for the Rochester community. Today’s families are very active – creating a need for places to play and exercise. Active sports are healthy and socially valuable. Kids and adults of all ages are more active than ever. Having quality sports facilities is a valuable resource for a strong community.

Four, don’t confuse the RSF with the Parks Department Foundation. The Parks Foundation focuses on parks, pools, nature center, paths and so on for the community. RSF has a mission to “Lead efforts in the planning and developing of future community facility needs by utilizing local input and resources to attain outcomes determined by RSF leadership”. Simply put – we focus on sports facility development!

Five, Rochester has over seven thousand hotel rooms mostly used by Mayo Clinic visitors mostly during weekdays – leaving a great selection on quality options for sports visitors. Helping fill the hotels on weekends generates business and revenue for all local retail businesses. Over the past ten years sports events of all kinds have generated an average of approximately $25M in economic spending annually.

Sports Foundations are not common across the U.S. . . . yet! But in 1992, when the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission was formed, there were 12 sports commissions in the entire country- that has grown to 675 by 2014 and continues to grow. Leadership is challenging – but this group believes with the right people involved we will see progress and success!