Rochester Sports Foundation

The Rochester Sports Foundation advocates for and supports sports development in the Rochester area. Your contribution will help the Rochester Sports Foundation effectively execute its mission to bring high-quality sports infrastructure to our community. View our policies and procedures here.


Your contribution will help our team conduct outreach with potential investors to attract athletics fundraising and investment in Rochester. Your donation will also help our team get the word out in Rochester about potential projects, building a means to hear your thoughts and feelings about new developments. Each of these elements is critical—the outreach for interest and the community involvement—and your dollars will help us make it happen.

You can also designate your donation for a particular project. Targeted athletic fundraising for specific facilities has met great success in Rochester, like the Raise the Net project renovating the tennis courts in Kutzky Park. That initiative raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from the public. We can repeat this kind of success with your help! 

Make the greatest impact by becoming a sustaining donor. By becoming a sustaining donor, an amount that you choose will automatically be donated each month. To do this, choose the Monthly button on the donation form and select your donation level! A user friendly donation box is located on this page. Thank you for your consideration in donating to the Sports Foundation.


As a member of the Rochester community, your experience and opinions matter. It’s your community. Advocate for local sports and recreation to help keep Rochester a vibrant and active place to live.

Advocacy can take many forms. It could be a letter to the newspaper, chiming in at a community meeting, or even just chatting with your neighbors and friends. If there’s a special project that needs support, get in touch with us! We can only accomplish great things when we work together. Contact us if you want to learn how to best communicate with the decision-makers.


Youth sports organizations and leaders within the Rochester area – we want to hear from you! Do you feel your facility options are adequate or lacking?

Building Rochester’s capacity for high-quality sports and recreation can only succeed with your and the rest of the community’s help. There are many ways to get involved with our work at the Rochester Sports Foundation. Get in touch with us today to learn how to participate!