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Rochester Sales Tax Extension – Sports Complex Update

Did you know Mayo Field was built in 1951? Click on the Mayo Field Artist Renderings above and check out these drawings of what a new Mayo Field could look like and do for the area.

The Need for Sports Facilities

The Rochester Sports Foundation is building on our community’s longtime success in amateur sports events and development. Rochester has a storied amateur sports history, but a need has emerged for additional sports complexes and facilities. During a time when local governments can no longer make local sports and recreation a priority, the Rochester Sports Foundation is stepping up to advocate for our community and help fulfill these rising needs!   

Why Minnesota’s Rochester?

It’s simple: demand for amateur sports is growing, and Rochester offers the perfect conditions to meet and readily support that continuous growth. With a strong economic home base, a highly capable hospitality industry providing top-tier services, and a full-time staff dedicated to managing sports events, Minnesota’s Rochester can become a premier center for amateur sports.

Here’s Rochester by the numbers

  • Population of 112,683
  • $68,000 median household income
  • 3 million annual visitors
  • 14,000+ hospitality/tourism jobs

Rochester is also home to the largest public-private partnership in Minnesota history, the Destination Medical Center—a 5-year $5.6 billion economic development initiative. Exciting growth is happening in Rochester, and now’s the time to get involved! Minnesota’s Rochester is the place to be for investment in amateur sports events and tourism.

Learn More – Work with Us

Rochester is more than the numbers alone. Comprised of community members and leaders, the Rochester Sports Foundation is your “in” in Rochester. Talk with us and get to know the people and places that give Rochester its unique strengths.

We know the area, market, government, and community. We partner with outside groups interested in investing in sports complexes and facilities, and we work to ensure these projects succeed. The research shows that clear planning and community involvement are essential for strong public-private partnerships. We’re your bridge-building experts to help make it happen.  

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