If you are viewing this article you are new to this site. You have to be – it was just launched on March 6th, 2021! The primary objective of Rochester Sports Foundation is to promote sports facility development investment in the Rochester, Minnesota area. To better acquaint you with the organization – let me share a few details. Each of these items will be explained with more detail on our website in the coming months:

One, the Rochester Sports Foundation (RSF) was created from the leadership of Rochester Sports (formally the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission). Rochester Sports has long been a leader in attracting amateur sporting events for the economic good of our community.

Two, RSF primary and only focus is on sports facility development through private investment and public/private partnerships. Visions and opportunities of facility development will be worked on and shared with the community via this site. There are several plans and ideas in the pipeline now.

Three, quality sports facilities not only attract youth sports tournaments but also improve quality of life for the Rochester community. Today’s families are very active – creating a need for places to play and exercise. Active sports are healthy and socially valuable. Kids and adults of all ages are more active than ever. Having quality sports facilities is a valuable resource for a strong community.

Four, don’t confuse the RSF with the Parks Department Foundation. The Parks Foundation focuses on parks, pools, nature center, paths and so on for the community. RSF has a mission to “Lead efforts in the planning and developing of future community facility needs by utilizing local input and resources to attain outcomes determined by RSF leadership”. Simply put – we focus on sports facility development!

Five, Rochester has over seven thousand hotel rooms mostly used by Mayo Clinic visitors mostly during weekdays – leaving a great selection on quality options for sports visitors. Helping fill the hotels on weekends generates business and revenue for all local retail businesses. Over the past ten years sports events of all kinds have generated an average of approximately $25M in economic spending annually.

Sports Foundations are not common across the U.S. . . . yet! But in 1992, when the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission was formed, there were 12 sports commissions in the entire country- that has grown to 675 by 2014 and continues to grow. Leadership is challenging – but this group believes with the right people involved we will see progress and success!