Known as Rochester Community and Recreation Complex (RCRC) the funding of $65M was included in the 2022 Minnesota Legislative Bill. However, it did not pass so the Bill and everything within it died without action. Why? The reason it did not pass is simple: According to the Speaker of the House herself, the House Democrats held up the tax bill to use as leverage on unrelated spending bills. The governor failed to call a special session so all the work to date goes away without action.

So where does that leave the Rochester sales tax extension and RCTC project? Hopefully, when the legislators all return in 2023, they can pick up where they left off and honor the work to date and pass it as was agreed in 2022. That remains to be seen – only time will tell.

In the meantime, the Rochester Sports Foundation (RSF) is working with all area youth sports groups to obtain their statistical data and sports facility needs in order to help with the process when it moves forward. If you have any sports facility need data or related information feel free to contact RSF Director Ed Hruska at