Discover ETS Performance Center

ETS opens a new facility in Rochester. Located at 3708 Broadway Ave North (#100) this facility has a lot to offer. Stop by and check it out!

The ETS Mission statement reads: Our mission is to provide unmatched speed, power, deceleration, energy system development, movement and performance mastery training for serious athletes who are 100% committed to fully maximizing both their genetic physical and psychological potential. Our programs are designed for all athletes, at any ability level, from every sport, and customized to fit their needs.

Since 2010, ETS has developed, implemented and successfully proven several unique systems of training that have delivered unmatched results for thousands of youth, high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes worldwide. These systems have been created through years of extensive research by combining unique ETS methods & philosophies with specific synergistic components from other world-renowned performance specialists. The unique systems of training that ETS provides are customized and easily implemented for any athlete or client regardless of age, sport or ability level. Since 2010 ETS has produced over 300 Division 1 and Division 2 Athletes from the various sports; football, hockey, basketball, softball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, swimming along with hundreds of other Division 3 athletes.

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Stay Up to Date With Our Latest Projects

There are currently several projects either in the planning process or in the funding process. Once we get more information on these and determine they are a project we support we will add those detail and information to this page. Please keep an eye on this page for future developments in “Present Projects.”

This page will share current projects that are either being discussed and or in the planning stages as well as those that are in the process of being completed. Rochester Sports Foundation is not necessarily the organization doing each project but is promoting them in hopes of assisting their completion. 100% of any funds donated towards these projects through RSF web site are tax deductible and will go towards the specific projected you donate to.

Midwest Sports Facility Map (click here to view map)

Once a leader in the Midwest with high quality sports facilities other cities in the region are quickly catching and passing Rochester in this area. Click on the “Midwest Sports Facility Map” above and check out the map to see what cities have recently added new complexes and facilities. Additional information regarding these neighboring city projects will be posted in the near future.

What Other States are Doing

Iowa has added several financial tools to assist Iowa city’s in developing and funding new sports facilities. Here are two examples:

REVITALIZE IOWA’S SOUND ECONOMY: Projects funded by the RISE program promote economic development in Iowa through the establishment, construction, and improvement of roads and streets. The RISE program is targeted toward value-adding activities that feed new dollars into the economy and provide maximum economic impact to the state on primary or secondary roads, and city streets open for public use. While all counties and incorporated cities in Iowa are eligible to apply, funding is generally limited to industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and professional office developments, with few exceptions.

The Iowa Reinvestment District Program is designed to assist communities in developing transformative projects that improve the quality of life, create and enhance unique opportunities and substantially benefit the community, region and state. The program provides up to $100 million in new state hotel/motel and sales tax revenues to be “reinvested” within approved districts. Districts cannot exceed 75 acres in size and must be in an Urban Renewal Area.

NEW: Coming soon is a breakdown of all the cities shown on the Midwest map and details about their facilities such as the overall cost, size and facilities within the various complexes and how they funded these additions to their communities. This will be shared by July 31st, 2021!