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Odessa Texas

By Author: Tyler Dupnick

March 9, 2023

It is just the beginning of the process, and it is a very important opening step. 

The survey participation has been great so far, and that is helpful as the Parks and Recreation department and Synergy Sports work to put together an initial plan later this month that will be followed by discussion to determine a final package. 

“We’ve got to make a positive difference in Odessa, and have something for our future, and having such a facility is a great investment in the future of this community," said Steve Patton, Director of the Parks and Recreation department for the City of Odessa. 

Odessans heard a presentation from Synergy Sports on how the process for a potential sports complex is going, and to give more of their input.

Glenda Ash -- a parent and teacher -- was born and raised in Odessa, and as she supports two boys who play hockey, additional travel away from town is a necessity.

A sports complex would make ice more accessible while also enriching the community through sports tourism and the benefits it brings. 

“I think it’s very promising for the kids to engage them and their activities and increase the revenue for the city and businesses," said Ash. "I think that would be great.” 

Jason Boudrie is the owner of Synergy Sports, an experienced service that will listen to the communities wants and needs, but also use data to assess if Odessa can successfully build a sports complex and also sustain it. 

“We want to know -- by the numbers -- is the region able to support it, in terms of population density, socioeconomics, ‘are they competing with too many other facilities?’, and so, we want to know all of that information before we present any final report to city council," said Boudrie. 

The feasibility study will be completed and presented to city council on the 28th of March, and it will reveal the initial funding options, location and development. 

“And that comes to the advisory board, as well as to the city council, for making the priorities, and then we’ll finally come up with one big package of what we’re going to do," said Patton. 

From there, the timeline will enter into a new phase. 

“I think that’s going to be a very interesting process also because that’s where we will have financing, funding, the amenities will be defined, we’re going to have options for locations," said Patton. "That’s where all the package will really take place.” 

Patton encourages everyone to participate in the survey which can be found on the Parks and Recreation department website