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Fargo to add new 100-acre sports complex

In December of 2021 the Fargo Park District unveiled its plans for the Fargo Parks Sports Complex and announced the support of the project’s current 11 community partners. This multipurpose…

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Our Mission

The Foundation shall lead efforts in planning and developing future community facility needs by utilizing local input and resources to attain outcomes determined by Rochester Sports Foundation leadership.

Welcome to
Rochester Sports Foundation

Welcome to the Rochester Sports Foundation, a 501(c)(3) created by the leadership of Rochester Sports to address the current and future need for sports and recreation facilities in the Rochester, MN, area. We build the bridges necessary between our community, government, and private sector to make these projects solid and sustainable.

With an expanding population and robust economy, Minnesota’s Rochester delivers serious opportunities for investment and growth. Investment in high-quality sports and recreation facilities will also increase the quality of life for our community, promoting active lifestyles and supporting our hospitality and tourism industry.

Connect with the Rochester Sports Foundation to learn more about local opportunities for investment. Our knowledgeable team is your entry point into smart and smooth sports development in Rochester. Comprised of leaders from Rochester Sports (formerly the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission), We’re a group of development experts dedicated to building a stronger sports community while also delivering strong ROIs for investors.

We know the industry, market, and opportunities. Smart planning and clear community involvement are essential to create viable, long-lasting public-private partnerships. Let us help!

Did you know?

The Rochester Amateur Sports Commission (now called Rochester Sports) was developed by a local group of sports-focused people back in 1991 when only a handful of sports commissions existed in the nation. Sports tourism has boomed since then: close to 1000 sports commissions now operate.

In 2017, Rochester Sports helped organize 102 sporting events!