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Rebecca Tesch

April 17, 2023

Rebecca (Becca) Tesch is a strong believer in the 4 H’s:  being helpful, staying honest, always hard working and having a sense of humor.  These attributes, along with her natural drive towards hospitality and a desire to exceed the needs of guests, have been perfectly matched in the hotel industry.

Growing up, Becca was influenced by her brother who is smart and musically gifted.  She describes him as a “real person” not in a sales kind of way but in being genuinely connected to people. Additionally, it is her mother who raised her in a strict, old testament-based religion that formed most of her outlook on life.

This influence and outlook defined and shaped Becca’s ability to always see the bright side of things. As the youngest of three children, Becca shares a common bond of music. Each of the children have a great voice and the ability to pick up and play instruments with ease. While her focus today is on her young children, her passion is politics which will hopefully lead to serving soon at the local level.

Becca serves on both the Rochester Sports board, where she will become the president in 2023, and the Rochester Sports Foundation (RSF) board, a position she began last year when she became the hotel representative to that board.  Her accomplishments were noted while with the Hilton Garden Inn where she elevated the property in 2018 from a #11 position as a Rochester sports hotel to the #2 position in 2020, nearly doubling the revenue from when she was hired. Becca recently began a new job as Regional Director of Sales and Marketing withthe Empire Hotel Group (Berkman, Hampton Inn South, Fairfield, and Best Western).

Her motivation in sports is her personal commitment to the financial impact brought to the community, particularly on sports tournament weekends.  “Mayo Clinic brings in an abundance of visitors to the area during the weekdays where business stays primarily downtown,” she explained.  “Sports families and teams spend money outside of the downtown area and give much needed additional revenue for the city and its workers.”

Becca sees Rochester as a community going through a renaissance of creativity and innovation.  “In an effort to fund our vision for the city, we need to keep the visitors coming,“  she said.  Inspiration comes to Becca though calm and clear leadership, and being present and mindful in all relationships. Becca’s advice to the sports community is to listen with empathy and serve with joy.