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Rochester Sports Foundation Board Votes Unanimous Support for Proposed Complex Plan

Rochester Sports Foundation Board Votes Unanimous Support for Proposed Complex Plan

August 8, 2023

The Board of Directors of the Rochester Sports Foundation (RSF) voted unanimously to support the newly proposed Rochester Sports and Recreation Complex.

On July 24, 2023, consultants to the Rochester City Council presented a final recommendation for an approximate 90-acre complex consisting of twelve fully turfed multi-sports outdoor fields, twelve outdoor pickleball courts and a 125,000 square foot indoor complex. The  recommendation for the indoor complex was to accommodate a variety of sports options including eight full sized basketball courts, sixteen volleyball courts or twenty-four pickleball courts that can be interchanged and flexibly used for great adaptability.

“For years we have seen Rochester fall behind other sports facilities in the region. This is a great addition to the active local community of Rochester as well as the sports tourism industry” stated RSF Director Ed Hruska. “We are a regional hub for numerous sports communities and this complex will address many of our needs while also positively impacting thousands of area athletes and citizens for decades.”

RSF Board member Carole Shulman added, “We have been researching sports facilities around the country for several years and become increasingly aware of how Rochester continues to fall behind. This complex will be a great addition to the community as it will address many needs of those underserved by  limited facilities and also have a dynamic impact on bringing sports tourism dollars to Rochester.”

The estimated cost of this facility is $65M.  It will be funded by an extension of Rochester’s local option sales tax.  This means no new increase to taxes will be needed. However, to achieve this funding source the citizens will be asked to vote for the complex, along with three other city projects, at the upcoming November 7th special election.


The Regional Sports and Recreation Complex (RSRC) study as presented to the Rochester City Council is reproduced here for further understanding.


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