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Former Rochester Sports Sales Manager Jay Fanta Scores Big - Congratulations!

NJCAA Championships bring economic boost to Cedar Rapids

By Abigail Kurten

November 15, 2023

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - With over 20 teams playing in this year’s NJCAA Women’s Volleyball Championships in Cedar Rapids, the city is already seeing huge economic growth across downtown.

“For example, over these next two weeks of volleyball championships, it’s an estimated economic impact of over a million dollars for our area.” said Cedar Rapids Sports Tourism Director Jay Fanta.

Hospitality businesses are the primary targets for visitors, including restaurants, bars, and hotels.

“The hotel down here, the Doubletree, the next two weeks is basically at capacity with teams. So, that just goes to show you the impact there on the hotel side when you have 16 teams from across the country and then 20 teams and fan this week coming in.” said Fanta.

But more cities, like Coralville, which opened its Xtream arena in 2020, are investing in building its book of business.

High school volleyball championships moved from Cedar Rapids to Coralville in 2022.

And one business owner in Cedar Rapids, says maintaining market share matters.

“I think it’s going to affect us. I think it’s a big loss to lose the things that we have to Coralville. Definitely the downtown Cedar Rapids area. They could see a hit from that.” said Union Station Owner Brian Kramme.

But the city says it’s hard at work to make sure they stay competitive.

“I think it’s just about having a plan and continuously trying to you know, innovate and reinvent yourselves.” said Fanta.