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RSF Sports Complex April Update

April Rochester Sports and Recreation Complex (RSRC) Update

Currently the City is focusing on two major steps in the planning of the RSRC – site selection (where will the facility go) and identifying an operations partner (to assist in the planning of the development and to run future operations). Here is the latest on each:

Site Selection details: Data on potential locations from the micro-study will assist the City in figuring costs per site as well as a proposal back from an engineering firm which is assisting in determining the viability to handle the planned facilities on each parcel. This covers the proposed indoor and outdoor facilities as well as the ground work (utilities). It is hoped to have a site selected by the end of this year.

Operational details: RFP’s went out March 6th – eight firms will receive this RFP initially based on the research to identify professionals who do this type work. This includes proposal requirements – relative experience as well as point of contact/staff who they would be working with, a market study that includes a scope of reviewing the previous study and data collected as well as operations and performance through design and programming, feasibility and financial forecast, communications – working directly with the stakeholders and area organizations and users. The firms will have approximately thirty days to ask questions and submit proposals before the due date of April 1st.

Previous data will be reviewed and collected, firming up that data to help determine the program amenities wanted in this complex. Additional outreach will support the rates and usage – basically build the business plan. The selected partner from the RFP process will work with the City on this as well as through the construction site (roughly a two-year commitment initially). If pleased with their work and the City is able to structure a desired operations agreement – this group could stay on to become the operator of the facility. This would be a five year (maybe longer) operational agreement.

RSF role – as requested by the City: to assist them in enhancing the facility through securing additional investment through several methods. This includes, but is not limited to philanthropy, fund raising, naming rights, facility private partnerships, leases and more. In order to do the majority of this it was emphasized that the location will be key as well as the actual facility composition.