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RSF Sports Complex May Update

April 30, 2024


Rochester City Park Department Recreation Supervisor Ben Boldt updated the Rochester Sports Foundation (RSF) on the progress in planning the Rochester Sports and Recreation Complex (RSRC) at the April Board of Director’s meeting. Boldt is the project lead of the City’s internal team and the main contact for the planning and construction of the facility.

Boldt reported that there has been a great deal of progress on identifying an operations partner to assist in the operating of the sports complex. RFP’s were sent out in March with an April 1 deadline for proposals. A total of six responses were received by Boldt. Of those proposals received and reviewed, the field was narrowed and initial interviews have been held. References and follow up calls are being conducted with the expectation that a company will be recommended to the City Council and chosen by early/mid-May.

Work is also proceeding on a site selection as Boldt/City are working with a real estate advisor or the potential locations. Originally there were fifteen sites reviewed with the list now narrowed down to the top choices. Both consultants in real estate and civil engineering have coordinated this effort with the City selections committee. The goal is to take the three top site location with short-term purchase agreements to the City Council for their consideration and feedback and hopefully approval of one.

It is expected that once an operations partner has been selected, they may also assist in the site selection process. Their input would be welcomed but not a critical factor in the final site selection. The site should be announced in June.

A site visit with RSF and City Staff will take place in May to observe recently constructed facilities in the Midwest to learn and discuss insight with their leadership.

Additional information on this process will be shared on the RSF web site as it is learned.